About us

On 14th May 2014, the founding members of Africa at Africa converged and discussed the need to advocate and empower the Development and Transformation and start initiatives that would help to confront the Challenges of the Continent.

Africa At Heart is a fully registered Non-Profit Organisation in Kampala Uganda located on Namasuba Hill off Entebbe Highway. Please visit http://www.africatheart.org

A continent that has thrived through the slave trade, coups, civil wars, disease, poverty, natural calamities like floods, famine, human rights violation, and instability would reclaim the dream powered by a unified loud voice. This is Africa at Heart incorporated as a Non-Profit Organisation.

This could see the rise of better standards of living of the people of Africa, improved transport, free mobility of labor, growth of the economy, boosting of Tourism, sustainability of peace and security, developing of industries, conservation of Aquatic and Wildlife, as well as protection and conservation of the environment at the continent, will see Africa emerge into a superpower ever of all times.

The aspect of a Political federation is an ambition more still the sense of a unifying factor and cooperation as well as partnership and joint ventures for Military, Security, Trade, Transport, Education, Banking, Communication, Health, Research and so much more are exceptional factors.

With this deal, it’s of no doubt that Africa At Heart will achieve alongside A.U which of course we highly appreciate for standing the test of time but in order to redefine and reclaim the African Dream, we’ve got to move much faster than this hence the call for Africa.